1 - Acute Spontaneous Melanization

A local man wakes up to find he has undergone a radical transformation.

2 -Simone

A young tennis prodigy makes her professional debut.

3 - The Curse of Ham

The Reverend Terry Calwell takes your calls and answers your questions.

4 - "Really" Black

Two friends discuss the Black experience.

Special - The President's Christmas Address

President Hensley speaks to the nation this Christmas Eve.

5 - The Harris Act

The Supreme Court upholds the controversial Harris Act.

6 - Tenebra

Cadmus Pharmaceuticals announces a cure for the Black Friday phenomenon.

7 - Rivers of Blood

The Newsreader debates migrants, demographic change, and the Black Friday phenomenon with Giuseppe Prodi.

8 - Paradigm Shift

A startling revelation in the season finale of BLACK FRIDAY.

9 - Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories surround the Black Friday phenomenon in the season premiere of BLACK FRIDAY.

10 - The Rainbow Sign

A support group for people affected by the Black Friday phenomenon.

11 - The Opal Book Club

Talk show host Opal Vincigratia discusses a new memoir about the Black Friday phenomenon with author Samantha Moore.

12 - The Game Show!

Three contestants compete in a very strange game show.

13 - Mister Magnificent

The world's greatest superhero faces the Black Friday phenomenon.

14 - The President's Briefing

Officials brief President Hensley on the Black Friday phenomenon.

15 - Rebirth of a Nation

A stunning new development in the season finale of BLACK FRIDAY.

Special - The Fourth of July

President Sailor announces the FOCUS Act.