[blak] [frahy-dey, -dee]


  • Any Friday actually darkened by catastrophe, or the anniversary thereof.
  • The day after Thanksgiving Day.
  • A strange phenomenon that turns white people into black people. See also acute spontaneous melanization.


The Show

BLACK FRIDAY is an eight-part series written, produced, and directed by Tycho Newman. This is his first foray into audio fiction.

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BLACK FRIDAY is co-produced by Stormfire Productions.


Lisette Alvarez, A.J Beckles, Cole Burkhardt, Jordan Cobb, Leslie Gideon, Elliot Gindi, Jody Harvey, Karim Kronfli, Whitney Johnson, Ryan Laughton, Angelique Lazarus, Jake Masters, Cornelius Mohr, Anairis Quinones, Graham Rowat, Mya Schuwerk, Rhiannon Shepherd, Zayn Thiam.


Benjamin Banger, David Fesliyan, Hinterheim; Kai Engel, XTaKeRuX, Monk Turner + Fascinoma, The Zombie Daddies.